The Village

The Village

Was  in 960 B.C. when General Byzantium Phocas arrived with his army to Crete to free it from the Saracens. The soldiers, hailing Pisidia in Asia Minor, named part of the camp in southern Crete Pisidia, called paraphrasing the centuries the village Pitsidia.

Pitsidia is known since ancient times. It refers to Kastrofylakas with 89 residents and Pizzidhia name in 1583. [Peter Kastrofylakas, notary Candia. Acts 1558-1559, Vikelaia Municipal Library and Historical Research Institute / National Research Foundation, Heraklion-Athens 2015, p. 535, 17CH24 cm., ISBN 978-960-7970-68-8].
But the village became known worldwide during the decade of 1960 – 1970 with the movement of the flower children because it was the first stop and the main accommodation of visitors of Matala.

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